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Campus Planning Resources

Resources for Master Plans and Studies for University Park and Commonwealth Campuses

University Park

Master Plans and Studies for Penn State's University Park Campus.

Commonwealth Campuses Plans and Studies

Penn State is a multi-campus public land-grant university that improves the lives of the people of Pennsylvania, the nation, and the world through integrated, high-quality programs in teaching, research, and service. 

To assist in achieving this mission, a Campus Exterior Architecture Plan, know as a CEAP, is developed to suggest ways to improve the aesthetic qualities of campus with low-cost and easy-to-implement concepts that can have meaningful impacts. 

The CEAP is a planning tool that is an outgrowth of the campus master planning process. The CEAP includes graphic and narrative descriptions of existing conditions on campus and approximately 15-20 improvement concepts. Positive features may also be identified as elements to emulate.