Shield Background

Planning, Design and Properties

Wise stewardship of the University's physical assets using creative solutions in support of the University mission.

Space Management

Space Planning & Management handles all aspects of facilities planning, usage, and management at all University campuses. The unit is responsible for:

  • Block Plan creation and maintenance
  • Campus Site Plans
  • Facilities Information System maintenance and data integrity
  • Integrated Strategic Planning/master planning/space assessments
  • Room numbering schema for all building projects
  • Building Interior Signage
  • University Instructional Facilities (General Purpose Classrooms)
  • University-wide universal accessibility projects (ADA compliance) oversight
  • Space allocations and assignments; coordination and oversight of cross-departmental moves
Campus Planning

Planning Responsibilities

  • Provide big picture planning ideas and concepts, aligning near-term priorities with long-term goals
  • Assure that projects adhere to the principles, guidelines, and requirements of the campus master plans
  • Develop new campus master plans and sub-district plants
  • Lead the campus planning process
  • Guide transportation studies and improvement projects
  • Develop site selection studies and feasibility studies for new buildings and building additions
  • Produce Campus Exterior Architecture Plans (CEAPs)
  • Guide adoption and implementation of the UPD
  • Represent University on Centre Regional Planning Commission
University Architect

Design Responsibilities

  • Maintain the highest standards of design quality for campus planning, architecture and civic spaces at all Penn State campuses.
  • Develop and enforce University design guidelines, standards and expectations
  • Guide and review the designs for new buildings, major building renovations, new civic spaces, site improvement projects and parking/roadway projects
  • Participate in all phases of the design process from building programming through construction
  • Coordinate design approval process with senior administration
  • Manage architect selection process
  • Manage the interpretation and implementation of the University Signage Standards, including design, fabrication, installation and maintenance
  • Guide implementation of the Campus Beautification program
University Instructional Facilities

University Committee for Instructional Facilities, UCIF is made up of a committee of 15 members and is responsible for determining classroom projetcs and for the allocation of funding for classroom projects. The committee:

  • Acts as guardians of classroom resources
  • Sets policies and goals
  • Assures adequate spaces that support enrollments
  • Encourages experimentation with new instructional and learning models

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University Architect

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