Work Requests

Facility work is categorized one of three ways.

  1. Facility Emergency—call the Work Reception Center at 814-865-4731
  2. Work Request (all must apply)
    • Under $25,000
    • Has a single funding source
    • Does not require design
  3. Project Request (at least one must apply)
    • Greater than $25,000
    • Has more than one funding source
    • Requires design

Submitting a New Work Request

For routine maintenance and non-emergency work requests, contact your Service Desk Coordinator (SDC) and they will use EZRequest to request service. Check with your Facility Coordinator to find the SDC for your location.

Checking on an Existing Work Request

Only Facility Coordinators, Access Coordinators and Service Desk Coordinators can login to EZRequest to search for and view information on existing Work Requests. 

Other staff and faculty should contact their Facility Coordinator for status updates. 

Project Requests

Any work that has one or more of the following characteristics must be managed as a project:

  • Over $25,000 total project expense
  • Two or more funding sources
  • Design is required

The first step will be to contact the Facilities Coordinator, who will submit a Project Request in e-Builder.

Area Services 1

Supervisor: Ron Nagle

Location: Room 158B, Physical Plant Building

Area Services 4

Supervisor: Tim Peterman

Location: Room 3, Grange Building

Area Services 2

Supervisor: Dave Brown

Location: Room 17, Pond Laboratories

Area Services 5

Supervisor: Jeff Glass

Location: Room 116B, Ag Engineering Building

Area Services 3

Supervisor: Les Weyandt

Location: Steam Services Building

Area Services 6

Supervisor: Brian Fresh

Location: Room W005, Millennium Building