Work Orders

Checking on an Existing Work Order

If you are a Facilities Coordinator, Access Coordinator or Service Desk Coordinator, you can login to EZRequest to search for and view information on existing Work Orders.

Regular staff and faculty can find the service liaison for their location on the Facilities Coordinators page.

OPP's customer contact network consists of a Facility Coordinator (FC) for each college or administrative unit and designated Service Desk Coordinators (SDC) for buildings or areas. Only the FCs and the SDCs have access to the Work Order system.

Submitting a New Work Order

For emergencies, call the Work Reception Center (see chart below) from 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM or after hours call 865-4731.
For routine maintenance, contact your Service Desk Coordinator (SDC) and they will use EZRequest to request service.  Check with your Facilities Coordinator (FC) to find the SDC for your location.
Consult the building/area list if you are unsure of your Area Services Shop.

Any work that has one or more of the following characteristics must be managed as a project:

  • Over $25,000 total project expense
  • Two or more funding sources
  • Design is required

The first step will be to contact the Facilities Coordinator , who will submit a Project Request in e-Builder.