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Operations Support & Supply Services

The primary goal of Operations Support & Supply Services (formerly Work Control) is to provide Penn State students, faculty, and staff with functioning facilities with minimal interruptions due to maintenance, renovations, and repairs. Operations Support & Supply Services (OS3) is comprised of four departments:  Work Reception Center, Planning & Scheduling, OPP Supply Chain, and Facility Asset Management Programs.  We are responsible for receiving customer service requests, dispatching emergency issues, planning preventive and proactive work, procuring the goods and services needed, and managing the business systems and data that enable and support these activities.

Director: Ian Salada

Balances software, information and knowledge to support the operation and maintenance of the University's physical assets
Grocery cart
Serves as the entry point for all OPP material/service requirements.
Whiteboard planning
Provides estimating and project management services for both minor and major projects
Operations Support & Supply Services related resources are available here:
Call center
Staffed year round to process calls for maintenance issues and other emergencies

People In Division


Alan Zimmerman
Position Planner Estimator
(814) 206-4293
Heather Smeltzer
Purchasing Assistant
(814) 867-1637
Planner Estimator
(814) 441-5327
Stockroom Clerk
(814) 863-4788
Planner Estimator
(814) 826-8438
Colin Grube
(814) 863-3151
Simon Eberhart
Planner Estimator
(814) 441-5090
FAM Program Manager
(814) 867-5943
Facilities Service Representative
(814) 865-4731