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Commonwealth Services

Commonwealth Services (CS) supports the facility needs of the University’s 28 campuses and research centers across the Commonwealth. Each facility has its own physical plant staff and operating budget.

Commonwealth Services staff is responsible for:

  • Supplementing staff at each location by providing advice on all facility needs
  • Establishing, monitoring, and enforcing policies, practices and procedures to ensure consistency in quality
  • Managing all construction
  • Assisting in defining, prioritizing and managing major maintenance projects

Director: Adam Dent

People In Division


Director, Commonwealth Services
(814) 863-1536
Construction and Contract Specialist
(814) 865-1331
Kyle Hollick
Project Manager, Eastern Region
(814) 865-3789
Facilities Project Coordinator
(814) 280-8792
Facilities Project Coordinator
Facilities Project Coordinator
(814) 321-7479
Facilities Project Coordinator
(814) 280-2795
Project Manager, Central Region
(814) 863-9622
Justin Keister
Project Manager, HFS
(814) 865-3790
Facilities Contract Administration Specialist
(814) 865-1331