Nittany Lion Shrine

Business and Finance

The Business and Finance unit (formerly known as Administrative and Financial Services) manages billing to external customers. The unit also provides a full range of services covering financial support.

Senior Director: Kristin Sykes

Handles the daily activities for the Office of Physical Plant business operations.

People In Division


Financial Assistant
(814) 865-6907
Financial Assistant
(814) 865-6910
Financial Assistant
(814) 865-6985
Financial Assistant
(814) 863-0463
Capital Budget Analyst
(814) 863-0953
Senior Director of Business and Finance
(814) 863-7635
Financial Coordinator
(814) 863-2354
Financial Assistant
(814) 865-7198
Mariah Kurzinger
Financial Coordinator
(814) 863-0504
Manager, Financial Support Services
(814) 863-1775