Utility Construction

This crew was developed to address the ongoing need for new utility expansions and reconstruction of existing utilities, so that existing crews could focus on maintenance issues and preventive maintenance programs specific to their system responsibility.

The construction crew, being an in-house function, does not require formal design, plans, specifications, or documentation typically necessary for contracting out work. Being the utility owner, customer, and builder simultaneously makes it very cost effective to address unknown issues encountered during any given project. Additionally, we can act swiftly to revise and repair everything and anything utility related during the course of the project.

The utility construction crew maintains a small core of permanent mechanics, equipment operators, and laborers. This crew is supplemented with additional people as dictated by the workload.

Keeping costs at a minimum by minimizing overhead has been the initial concept to get this crew into motion back in the Spring of 1998. OPP will continue to monitor this unit and make adjustments on an as-needed basis for both crew size and support staff required.

People In Unit