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Penn State's District Energy System

Steam Services LogoPenn State operates a typical District Energy System.  District Energy is a system for distributing heat generated at a centralized location.  Heat is often produced as steam in Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants.  At Penn State both East and West Campus CHP plants cogenerate steam and electricity serving more than 200 buildings on University Park Campus.  Annually, Penn State’s District Energy System produces 100% of campus steam needs and about 20% of campus electrical needs.  At an average efficiency of about 70%, Penn State’s District Energy system is more than twice as efficient as a typical utility power station.  District Energy systems like Penn State’s consume half the resources and produce half the pollution of a typical utility power station.

West Campus

Picture of West Campus Steam Plant from College Avenue

Four 1960s vintage boilers and one 1947 vintage boiler produce superheated, high pressure (240 psig) steam for turbines that operate pumps, fans and electric generators.  Low pressure (13 psig) turbine exhaust steam is delivered to campus for heat and process.  Pressure reducing stations reduce high pressure steam to medium pressure (150 psig) for delivery to buildings further away from WCSP.

  • Steam Capacity: 350,000 pounds per hour
  • Electric Capacity: 6 MW
  • Plant Efficiency: 50% - 70%

East Campus

East Campus Steam Plant photo

Two 1970’s vintage boilers produce saturated, high pressure (220 psig) steam.  Pressure reducing stations reduce high pressure steam to medium pressure (150 psig) for delivery to buildings further away from ECSP.  One Combustion Turbine connected to a Heat Recovery Steam Generator (CT/HRSG) installed in 2010 produces 7 MW of electricity and 30,000 lb/hr of steam.  A ductburner increases the HRSG capacity to 117,000 lb/hr.

  • Steam Capacity: 350,000 pounds per hour
  • Electric Capacity: 7 MW
  • Plant Efficiency: 80%

The Penn State Combined Heat and Power Plant employs 41 technical service employees, four supervisors and two administrative assistants.


Superintendent, Steam Services: Paul Moser

Administrative Support Assistants: Carla Ruscio, Katie Deitrich

  • Operations
    • Supervisor: Tim Patterson
      • 6 Lead Operators
      • 6 Operator Mechanics
      • 6 Boiler Operators
      • 6 Laborers
  • Maintenance
    • Supervisor: 
      • 1 Lead Mechanic – Steve Nelson
      • 2 Mechanics
      • 3 Meter Technicians
      • 1 Electrician
  • Distribution
    • Supervisor: Vinny Hood
      • 1 Lead Mechanic – Todd Campbell
      • 7 Mechanics

Contact Steam Services

Mailing Address:

Office of Physical Plant
The Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA 16802

Physical Address:
West Campus Combined Heat and Power Plant
200 N. Burrowes St.
State College, PA 16801

East Campus Combined Heat and Power Plant
400 Porter Road
State College, PA 16801

Phone: 814-865-6515
Fax: 814-865-2282

100 Wiley Lane
University Park, PA 16802

Phone: 814-865-8127

Visiting the Steam Plant? View the Safety Orientation prior to arrival.

West Campus Steam Plant


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People In Unit


Chris Brown
Incinerator Operator & Mechanic
Lead Mechanic, Steam Distribution Maintenance
(814) 826-8346
Instrument & Meter Technician
Mechanic, Power Plant
Maintenance Worker, Steam Services
Mechanic, Steam Services Mainteances
Power Plant Operator
Incinerator Control Operator
Instrument & Meter Technician