Potable Water

Potable Water Services is responsible for the production, treatment and distribution of potable water to University Park facilities.

The University has ten permitted potable water wells. Eight of these wells are actively used to supply an average 3 million gallons per day demand for water. Prior to distribution, three chlorine houses are used to treat the water to meet regulatory standards. In addition, routine testing of the water is performed and the results are sent to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

2022 Drinking Water Quality Report

People In Unit


Drinking Water Operator
Technician, Utility Metering & Backflow Protection
(814) 404-5619
Supervisor, Water Services
(814) 863-6187
Drinking Water Operator
(814) 865-8821
Technician, Utility Meter & Backflow Prevention
(814) 441-9927
Electronic & Meter Technician
Drinking Water Operator
Maintenance Worker, Utilities Piping
(814) 360-5683
Administrative Support Assistant
(814) 867-0369
Drinking Water Operator