FAM Training

FAM Training

The mission of the FAM Training and Development unit is to advance the knowledge and implementation of FAM business enterprise systems (Maximo, EZMaxMobile, Akwire, Propel, ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Online, DocFinity).  FAM Training and Development is committed to the design, development, coordination and presentation of high quality training in order to increase individual and organizational effectiveness for work and asset management.



UPDATE: SIMBA Related Maximo Training 

Maximo Training regarding SIMBA related changes is in development. All training will be conducted as online, at-your-own pace courses. 

The first course, Basic Concepts for SIMBA-Integrated Maximo 7.6.1, will be available Friday, June 5, 2020. The course is recommended for all OPP-Maximo users as a primer course for more detailed training to come. The Basic Concepts course should take approximately 45 minutes to complete.

The objectives of the course: 

  • Introduce new financial terminology and fields in SIMBA-Integrated Maximo

  • Introduce/reinforce overarching SIMBA concepts which impact Maximo Users

  • Prime Maximo users with foundational information in preparation for further training on SIMBA related Maximo changes.

The course will be available on the LRN on June 5th. The deep link to access the course will be posted here on June 5th. Users will also be able to search and find the course in the LRN. Check back for updates! 


FAM Training News


9/17/2019 - EzMaxMobile Technician User Guides Published

Technician User guides for the EzMaxMobile App are available on the FAM Training Page and LRN. If opening on a mobile device, please use the PDF version of the document. 


 iPhone Edition - Word Doc | PDF

iPad Edition - - Word Doc | PDF

Training Requests

Training partners across Office of Physical Plant have collaborated and developed an online Training Request Form. The Training Request Form is used by any OPP supervisor or employee requesting training regardless of which OPP training partner will coordinate or instruct the training. This form is an effort to create an easy and consistent process for requesting and coordinating training across the organization. By completing this form, you are providing the necessary information for the OPP training partner to begin their process of planning or developing training to meet your needs.


Association for Talent Development Topics/ Resources

 To Help Training Stick, Change Mindset First
 Key Skills of Today's Employees in the Digital Transformation

PSU/ OPP Training Resources

Learning Resource Network (LRN)
IT Learning and Development
Workplace Learning and Performance
OPP Training Request Form

Maximo Specific Training Resources

EzMaxMobile Technician User Guide - iPhone
EzMaxMobile Technician User Guide - iPad
MaximoTraining & FAM System Self-Help Resources are available by searching "OPP-FAM" on the LRN 

 IBM IoT Academy (You will need to create your own account)

 IBM IoT YouTube Channel (Free Helpful Maximo Videos)

People In Unit

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Education Program Associate
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