Roofers work on Ag Chiller Building

Building Services

Senior Manager: Bruce Smith

Building Services focuses on routine and preventive building maintenance, trouble calls and initial response to facility emergencies. The unit operates seven days a week out of five shops located across the University Park campus.

There are six Area Shops and their primary focus is corrective maintenance.
Comprised of trades crews for sign making, painting, carpentry, masonry and cement finishing, and roofing.
The HVAC crew performs preventive maintenance on heating and ventilation assets.
The Trades provide support to the Area Shops.

People In Unit


Lead Roofer-Carpenter
(814) 777-6398
Heating & Ventilating Technician
(814) 777-1361
Lead Technician, Env. Sys.
(814) 777-6066
Environmental Systems Technician
(814) 308-3807
Maintenance Worker, Asbestos Removal & Insulation
(814) 441-8980
Lead Asbestos Removal & Insulation
(814) 883-0566
Environmental Systems Technician
(814) 883-2229
Area Facilities Maintenance Mechanic
(814) 883-0966
Maintenance Worker, Elevators
Ryan Belles
Heating & Ventilation Technician
(814) 753-2328