University Tree Care Plan

The University's tree care plan was designed to identify the policies, procedures and practices used in establishing, protecting, maintaining and removing trees on campus. The goal is to ensure a safe, attractive and sustainable campus urban forest.

The plan's objectives include:

Ensuring proper species selection, high-quality nursery stock acquisition, and industry-consensus planting procedures

Promoting species diversity and proper age structure in the tree population

Protecting high-value campus trees during construction and renovation projects

Promoting tree health and safety by utilizing best management practices when maintaining campus trees

Ensuring trees are reasonably replaced when there is mortality due to weather, pest infections, injury or construction displacement

Encouraging campus community members to respect and value the campus urban forest

The Office of Physical Plant keeps a detailed inventory of all the trees found in the University Park canopy. The inventory offers the opportunity for visitors to search by location, browse the historical archive and learn more about individual trees.

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