The Trades provide support to the Area Shops. The groups have greater depth per craft and are able to perform a larger scope of work. The following is a list of OPP Trades:

Asbestos Removal & Insulation Carpentry Electrical Environmental Systems
Locks Machining Masonry & Cement Oil & Gas Burners
Painting Plumbing Pumps Refrigeration
Sheet Metal Sign Making Second Shift Preventative Maintenance Steam Trap
Vibration Analysis Water Analysis Welding Weekend Shift Trades







People In Subunits


Matthew Lessman
Elevator Technician
(814) 206-4689
Shawn Miller
Heating and Ventilation Technician
(814) 321-2548
Maintenance Worker, Plumbing & Piping
Maintenance Worker, Plumbing & Piping
(814) 777-8089
Shad Seger
Maintenance Worker, Asbestos Removal & Insulation
(814) 321-1959
Refrigeration Technician
(814) 876-0660
Jeff Glass
Supervisor, Second Shift Trades
(814) 883-8388
Heat & Vent Technician
Heat & Vent Technician
(814) 876-0704