Project Planning & Scheduling

The Project Planning & Scheduling team's work output is designed to effectively and efficiently manage corrective, preventive and project maintenance needs throughout the Penn State University campus. Some of their duties include providing estimating and project management services for both minor and major projects at the University, as well as conducting building audits for potential real estate acquisitions, and annual campus audits to identify future maintenance needs.

Manager: Peggy Shaner


  • We work to ensure a planning and scheduling delivery model that maximizes resources and meets customer needs throughout the University in order to provide facilities that enhance academic initiatives, organizational productivity, and foster a creative, collaborative environment.
  • We promote a customer-focused service ensuring maintenance effectiveness, timeliness and excellent value.
  • We collaborate, mitigate and facilitate work plans, the personnel of these departments and work to improve efficacy and create strategies based on long range goals.


  • We implement planning and scheduling processes that are recognized nationally for excellence
  • We exceed customer expectations:
    • We understand who our customer is, as well as their needs, and provide consistent service they can expect.
  • We provide excellent value:
    • We are stewards of University assets, deliberately driving to safely optimize operational and human resources.


 Project Planning & Scheduling News
Group Photo of OPP's Project Planning & Scheduling

On Friday, October 12, 2018, OPP's Project Planning & Scheduling team participated in a team retreat held at the Nature's Inn at Bald Eagle State Park.  Stacey Cummings, of AEGIS Performance Group, fascilitated the group in team development and strategic goal development activities. 


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Manages utility interruption notifications and coordinates communication to facilities coordinators affected by shutdowns of utility systems

People In Subdivision


S Webster
Senior Planner/Estimator
(814) 571-0430
Dana Yergin
Planner Estimator
Richard Zerby
Reliability Planner Estimator 3
(814) 308-2752
Matt Jones
(814) 777-0900
Alan Zimmerman
Facilities Project Manager
(814) 206-4293
Planner Estimator
(814) 441-5327
Planner Estimator
(814) 826-8438
Simon Eberhart
Planner Estimator
(814) 441-5090