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OPP Stores & Supply Chain serves as the entry point for all OPP material/service requirements. Incoming material/service requests are reviewed and sourced from the OPP Stores Stockroom or outside vendors.



10/28/22 - HID Door Readers are now Stocked in the OPPSTORE Inventory  

  • HID Door Readers have been ordered by Physical Security with the intent that all projects/work orders should utilize the readers stocked in OPPSTORE. 
    • These HID Readers are specific to PSU.  No other Vendor builds to the PSU specifications.
  • Item numbers to be used on your Desktop Requisition in Maximo:
    • 431826 without pigtail connection (Terminal Connection)
    • 431916 with pigtail connection
If you have any questions, please contact Chuck Dills or Turtle Patterson.
HID Door Reader without pigtail connection (Terminal Connection) in OPP Stores Inventory Item 431826
Item 431826 without pigtail connection (Terminal Connection)


HID Door Reader with pigtail connection in OPP Inventory Item number 431916

Item 431916 with pigtail connection

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Contact Information

OPP Stores is located in the Physical Plant Building at the University Park campus. The Physical Plant Building is on the north side of Park Avenue, directly across the street from Beaver Stadium. The Stockroom Issue Counter is located on the west loading dock (the west loading dock faces the Laundry Building).


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To submit an order to OPP Stores, enter and submit a Desktop Requisition in Maximo

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Quick Help Videos for Submitting Desktop Requisitions in Core Maximo

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Quick Start Instructions for submitting a Desktop Requisition charging to a Cost Object (in the browser) - LRN Material 

EZMaxMobile Quick Start Guide: Viewing & Editing Saved Draft Desktop Requisitions - LRN Material


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