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Maintenance Programs & Services

Maintenance Programs & Services is comprised of two departments, Buildings Services and Maintenance Programs, and is responsible for all routine maintenance of facilities at University Park. We perform corrective, preventative, predictive, emerging and non-emerging maintenance with coverage 24 hours a day, 365 days per year for nearly 1,000 buildings totaling 21.1 million gross square feet.

MPS Photo Org Chart

Roofers work on Ag Chiller Building
Focuses on routine and preventive building maintenance, trouble calls and initial response to facility emergencies.
Oversees preventive and predictive maintenance activities, as well as trades training and safety planning within Buildings and Grounds.

People In Subdivision


Heating & Ventilating Technician Apprentice
(814) 880-1794
Maintenance Worker, Fire Suppression Systems
(814) 409-8707
Refrigeration Technician
Heat & Vent Technician
(814) 876-0704
Michael Marsh
Electrical Integrity Analyst
Supervisor, Area Services 6
(814) 863-4014
Electricity Technician, Fire & Security Systems