Financial Support Services

Financial Support Services handles the daily activities for the Office of Physical Plant business operations, including payroll and financial support.

Manager: Teka Spicer

Administers operative and special projects budgets, reviews financial documents, generates billings, and develops budget reports.
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The Payroll department is responsible for processing charges for labor for all technical service and wage-payroll employees and provides payroll support to staff employees.

People In Subdivision

Financial Assistant
(814) 865-6907
Financial Assistant
(814) 865-6910
Financial Assistant
(814) 865-6985
Financial Assistant
(814) 863-0463
Financial Coordinator
(814) 863-2354
Financial Assistant
(814) 865-6904
Financial Coordinator
(814) 863-0504
Elli McKenna
Financial Assistant
(814) 865-7198
Manager, Financial Support Services
(814) 863-1775