Design Services

Design Services provides architectural, engineering and building code/permitting services to Penn State with the majority of work being designs for renovations and small additions having individual project construction values up to about $4 million. Specifically, we provide architectural design, mechanical and plumbing engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, structural engineering support, roof system and elevator design, building code support and virtual / BIM related services. We coordinate with Project Managers to align private sector AE professionals for specialty services outside of our areas of expertise as needed on projects.

Projects are generally designed according to the Office of Physical Plant’s Design and Construction standards.

These standards are maintained by Engineering Services with occasional contributions by Design Services.

Manager: Sam Bertolino

People In Subdivision


Roof and Elevator Designer
(814) 863-3269
Civil Designer
(814) 865-6692
Manager of Design Services
(814) 863-2176
Architectural Designer
(814) 863-4514
Electrical Designer
(814) 863-2487
Architectural Designer
(814) 865-2985
Mechanical Designer
(814) 865-8962
Code Compliance Specialist
(814) 865-9051
Roof and Elevator Designer
(814) 863-6024
Civil Design Engineer
(814) 863-4172