Space Request Form


Space Request Form


One of the responsibilities of the office of Planning, Design, & Properties (PDP) is to ensure that University space resources are used in the most efficient manner.  Part of this responsibility includes assessing and evaluating the needs of the University and the enforcing standards for the quality, quantity, and location of space.

The purpose of the space request form is to gather as much information as possible at the initiation of a space request.  It also serves as a guide in determining requirements for requested new space, alteration/reconfiguration of existing space, and change of use.  Business case justifications are required for all requests.

When the need for space is identified, all efforts to utilize existing University spaces should be exhausted before seeking new or leased space.  Space needs can include:

  • New programs have been identified.
  • Existing programs are growing and additional faculty and/or staff are being added.
  • Short-term swing space is required while existing facilities are renovated, or new facilities are constructed.
  • An existing lease is expiring and needs to be renewed or replaced.
  • An opportunity has been identified to consolidate space. (An example is the cancellation of one lease in order to relocate a tenant into vacant or under-utilized space at another location.)

Requests for both additional space and changes of use of existing space will need to be vetted and approved by PDP Space Management prior to reconfigurations proceeding.  In many cases, additional approval will be required from the University Space Committee.  

If a space request cannot be satisfied in existing University owned space, it will be forwarded to F&B Real Estate to investigate non-University owned (leased) space options.  Please be aware that leases incur additional financial burden.

If you have any questions or would like assistance in completing any portion of this form, please contact the PDP Space Management team at [email protected]