Report a Stormwater Problem

Report a Problem

If you observe a problem that is an emergency that may result in the loss of life or property, please call 911.

If you observe flooding, illicit discharges, or would like to report another type of stormwater related problem that needs immediate attention, please contact the Office of Physical Plant Service Desk at (814) 865-4731.  The Service desk is staffed 24 hours every day.

How Can You Help?

Volunteer: Volunteering for events such as Earth Day or watershed cleanup events is a great way to do your part in helping out environment.

Pick up Trash: Sometimes someone will inadvertently drop a piece of trash on the ground. If you see trash that you can safely pick up, collect it up and put it in the nearest garbage or recycling bin. It’s that simple.  Improperly controlled trash can enter the storm drain system, which then can reach a water body such as Spring Creek.

Never dump down drains: Our storm inlets lead to our creeks or stream carrying any pollutants and are not garbage receptacles. These untreated pollutants can kill fish and other aquatic life.

Educate others: If you hear interesting facts that help our environment, spread the word around. Knowledge should be contagious.

Conserve Water: Enough said!

Car Care: Make sure your vehicle isn’t leaking fluids; dispose fluids at a designated recycling point.  Use a car wash that treats and recycles its water or wash your car on grass or gravel areas instead of pavement areas where the runoff goes right to a storm drain inlet.

Lawn Care: Use fertilizers and pesticides sparingly as required, and don’t forget to pick up pet waste.

Suggest an Idea

If you have a suggestion or question regarding stormwater practices at the University, fill out the form found below to send a message to Larry Fennessey, stormwater operations engineer.