Sackett Building Renovation and Additions

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Complete - Architect/Engineer and Design/Build Selection
University Park
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Appointment Complete
Project Description

Renovation and Additions to the historic Sackett Building on the Penn State University Park campus

The Sackett Building Renovation and Additions project involves a complex sequence of work on the core campus, including significant utility infrastructure upgrades (while maintaining operations), demolition of the Engineering Units, Kunkle Lounge, Hammond Building, and the 1957 Sackett Building wings, and appropriate landscaping restoration of the precinct ready for future development.

The College of Engineering Master Plan, dated April 2019 (see attached), is the basis for the approach to the Sackett Building Renovation and Additions project conveyed in its context within the entire College and University. The A/E Team shall become familiar with the Master Plan and generally follow its implementation. However, the A/E Team must develop the high-level nature of the Master Plan into a very detailed and validated project plan – updated as needed during the design process.

Capital Project (>$10M)
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