Osmond Building Renovations and New Physics Building (Eberly College of Science)

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Construction Project Delivery
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Bid Complete
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The project scope currently consists of the construction of a new building and the renovation of an existing building for the Eberly College of Science at the University Park campus.

The project is planned as both a new freestanding facility and a renovation to the east wing of Osmond Lab, with total anticipated Project Cost of $148.8M. (~$117M construction cost).

The new building will be located on the Osmond Parking Lot, at approximately 105,000 Gross Square Feet, and will house a significant number of research laboratories, faculty and graduate student offices, administrative support areas and a 350-seat lecture hall. Vibration sensitive research will be conducted in the new building, requiring two below grade levels. The project will also renovate the East wing of the existing Osmond Lab (the wing that is perpendicular to Pollock Road) and will demolish the existing rear lecture hall wing of Osmond Lab. The renovation of the Osmond wing will be approximately 47,000 gross square feet and will be converted into new teaching labs, prep/support space, seminar rooms and provide a renovated building core. The project will include a new regional sub-surface stormwater detention facility.

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Thursday, May 14, 2020 - 3:00pm
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Barton Malow Builders