College of Engineering - New West 1 Building & New West 2 Building

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The Pennsylvania State University (PSU) is excited to begin the Architecture/Engineering (A/E) Team selection
process for two upcoming Capital Plan projects in support of the College of Engineering. The projects are
tentatively referred to as “West 1” and “West 2”. PSU is utilizing our standard qualification-based A/E Team
selection process for these two projects. However, we have combined the Request for Letters of Interest
(R/LOI) stage for these two projects and requesting only one Letter of Interest from respective A/E firms.
After this initial R/LOI phase, West 1 and West 2 will have independent A/E Team selection processes, as
described herein. To be considered, your team must identify which project(s) your firm wishes to be
considered for in the cover letter: West 1, West 2, or both projects.

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