Applied Research Laboratory Garfield Thomas Water Tunnel Renewal

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The Garfield Thomas Water Tunnel, located on the Penn State University Park campus, is the U.S. Navy's principal experimental hydrodynamic research facility and is operated by the Penn State Applied Research Laboratory. The facility was completed and entered operation in 1949.  The existing 47,444 gross square foot facility was renovated in 1980 and 1992 and has reached end of life.
The Garfield Water Tunnel Renewal Project is a renovation and system renewal of the existing facility with an anticipated Total Project Cost of $20.6M. The project will also consider a relatively small addition to the building, to potentially increase office and laboratory spaces, which would increase the Total Project Cost to $37.7M. The project scope includes renovation to the building interior and renovation and/or replacement of all building systems as required to bring the entire building up to code compliance and reliability of operations for the next 20 years.

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