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Request a Project

Log-into e-Builder

Funding Authorization 

Funding Authorizations must be submitted through the Funding Request Authorization process within e-Builder after the project has been created.


e-Builder Project Request User Manual

Training Videos:

  • Project Request - Start Process  
    • This video will step you through the following:
      • General e-Builder Navigation
      • How to start a Project Request process
      • How to attach the CAF
      • Where to attach other documents
      • How to Submit the Project Request process
  • Project Request - Initiator Revise  
    • This video provides information on:
      • What to do if you receive the Project Request back for clarification or missing information. 
      • How to find the comments 
      • How to Resubmit the request

e-Builder Support

Access to e-Builder

You will need an e-Builder user ID and password in order to submit a Project Request.  If you need access to e-Builder please email Michelle McMullen at [email protected] to request access.  


Submit an e-Builder Support Request Form (EBSR) for additional e-Builder support or suggestions.  Note:  If you have questions that do not pertain to a particular project, select the *Project Request project from the drop-down list to get you started.