Project Bids/Proposals


OPP Design & Construction COVID-19 Guidance:

COVID-19 guidance has been incorporated into the Contractor Safety Requirements. Project teams are required to include COVID-19 protocols into their Site-Specific Safety Plan and should follow policies established by the University and applicable guidelines in accordance with federal, state, and local requirements. 

Project teams should continue to report COVID-19 related incidents with timely submission of a Safety Incident Report (SIR) through e-Builder. 



Architect/Engineer and Design/Build Selections

Penn State University uses a qualifications based design professional selection process for major construction projects ($10 million or over). A Screening Committee selects approximately 10 firms from the respondents to the Letter of Interest and issues an RFP. Three firms are interviewed by a Selection Committee and the results of the interviews are announced at the Board of Trustees meeting.

Completed Appointments

Completed Appointments - Prior to February 2017

Architect/Engineer and Design/Build Selections
Project Number Campus Location Title Solicitation Type Project Stage
University Park Waring Commons Programming Study
University Park University Park Campus Sustainable Landscape Implementation Plan
University Park Sackett Building Renovation and Additions
Appointment Complete
University Park Computer Building Renovation Project
Appointment Complete
New Kensington Student Union Building Renovation and Addition - Penn State New Kensington
Appointment Complete
00-07057.00 University Park Master Plan Study for East Campus Chilled Water Plant (ECCP) and Chilled Water (CHW) Thermal Energy Storage (TES)
Appointment Complete
University Park Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) Chemical and Radiation Waste Accumulation Facility
Appointment Complete
University Park Animal Diagnostic Laboratory (ADL) New Building Feasibility Study
Appointment Complete
University Park Applied Research Laboratory Replacement Building
Appointment Complete

Architect/Engineer, Construction Manager Selection

Current opportunities for construction project delivery, pre-construction and construction phase services, and other services.

Completed Selections

Project Number Campus Location Title Solicitation Type Project Stage Response Date
00-08478.00 University Park UP- START+Lab NARCO Building DB RFP 02/23/2023

Trade/Bid Packages

This table lists current bidding opportunities for Penn State construction projects.

Prior to bidding, please ensure that your company meets the specific prequalification requirements listed in the project specifications.

If your company is not on the Prequalified Bidders List published by The Pennsylvania State University and/or you are uncertain whether you meet the prequalification requirements, please contact Contract Administration Office by email at [email protected] or the Contractor Liaison at (814) 863-2520. All construction firms performing work at the Milton S. Hershey Medical Center must have their project managers and superintendents ASHE Healthcare Construction Certified.

Bid Results

Project Number Campus Location Title Packages Held By Project Stage Bid Date
00-08852.00 University Park UP-FY 18-23 Capital Systems Renewal Program - Overall Program Prequalification CM-A Prequalification Various
University Park UP-FY 18-23 Capital Systems Renewal Program - Electrical Construction PSU Out to Bid Various
University Park UP-FY 18-23 Capital Systems Renewal Program - Masonry PSU Out to Bid Various
00-07312.00 University Park UP-East Halls Phase 2C CM Out to Bid Various
00-06825.00 Scranton WS-Library Classroom Renovation CM Out to Bid 11/29/2022
00-06000.00 Lehigh Valley LV-New Maintenance Building PSU Out to Bid 01/31/2023
00-08910.00 Beaver BR-Harmony Hall Bathroom Renovation Privatization CM Out to Bid 02/01/2023
00-07056.00 Wilkes-Barre WB-Bell Science Building Chiller Replacement Phase 2 PSU Out to Bid 02/02/2023
00-03937.00 University Park UP-Nuclear Reactor Cooling Water Main Relocation PSU Out to Bid 02/07/2023
00-06866.00 University Park Penn State College of Engineering Teaching & Research Space 1 (West 1) CM Out to Bid 02/08/2023
University Park UP-FY 18-23 Capital Systems Renewal Program - Roof PSU Out to Bid 02/14/2023
00-08682.00 University Park UP-Eisenhower Parking Deck Rehabilitation PSU Out to Bid 02/28/2023
00-08933.00 University Park UP-2023 Parking Lot Preservation PSU Out to Bid 03/02/2023