Utility Services

Manager: Robert Puzak

Utility Services is comprised of Central Chilled Water, High Voltage Electric, Steam Services, Natural Gas, Utility Construction, Potable Water, Stormwater and Wastewater. The goal is to provide and distribute high quality, reliable high voltage electricity, steam, natural gas, compressed air and potable water to the University Park campus facilities. In addition, Utility Services manages and treats wastewater and storm water.

Electricity and natural gas are purchased from outside suppliers, while steam, potable water, wastewater and compressed air are produced and treated internally. The University owns two steam plants and a wastewater treatment plant, which are staffed and operate 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

2019-2020 Utility Fact Sheet

People In Subdivision


Facilities Supervisor
(814) 865-5957
Equipment Operator
Chris Brown
Incinerator Operator & Mechanic
Maintenance Mechanic, Utilities
(814) 826-8478
Travis Hollobaugh
Facilities Supervisor, Utility Construction Services
(814) 865-0024
Director, Utility Services
(814) 865-1603
Lead Mechanic, Steam Distribution Maintenance
(814) 826-8346