Renovation Services


The mission of the Renovation Services Group (RSG) is to provide the highest quality construction services to Penn State's University Park campus in a safe, cost-effective, and timely manner.


Penn State OPP Renovations Services Group (RSG) is responsible for performing university and customer-funded projects throughout the University Park campus. Each project is based on specific existing building conditions and can range from $1,000 to $10.0 million in cost. Our in-house multi-discipline trade workforce of over 75 technicians and 15 staff is responsible for a wide variety of architectural, mechanical, electrical and technology tasks that require versatility, cooperation and creative planning to complete work safely and efficiently in active occupied university buildings.

Manager: Ray Sowers


People In Subdivision


(814) 880-6334
(814) 777-2889
Maintenance Worker, Asbestos Removal & Insulation
(814) 777-3016
Maintenance Worker, Renovation & Demolition
(814) 777-4168
Construction Carpenter
(814) 308-3173
Sheet Metal Worker
(814) 777-4355
Maintenance Worker
(814) 325-1598