OPP Employee Key Procedure


To define the process in which an OPP Employee obtains and returns keys needed to complete their dailytasks, while insuring the OPP employee key process is compliant with University policies AD 68 (University Access Policy) and SY2001 (University Access: Clearances, keys, and Access Devices; Authorization Issuance and Fees). The Access Coordinator for OPP shall be charged with compliance per policy.


New Key Request: When an OPP Employee requires keys, their supervisor must complete the Facility Access Authorization Request (FAAR form). Should an employee require (15) or more keys, the key ring will be individually and uniquely identified as a Key Ring. This ring should not be altered by anyone other than the OPP Access Coordinator.

  • The Employee's Supervisor will create a "key type" work order in Maximo and attach the completed FAAR form to the work order. The supervisor is responsible to ensure that the employee requesting keys has read University AD 68.
  • The OPP Lock Shop will return the completed request to the Work Reception Center.
  • The WRC staff will notify the Requestor that keys are available for pick up at the Service Desk (127 Physical Plant) via email or phone.
  • The key Requestor will sign and acknowledge that they have accepted keys and that they agree to abide by AD 68.

Transfer of Existing Keys or Key Rings: When a supervisor desires to transfer existing key inventory from one employee to another, they shall complete the Employee Key Update Form for both the exiting and entering employee (Key Update Form).

  • The Supervisor will forward the completed update form to the OPP Access Coordinator for their area.
  • The OPP Access Coordinator will update the their record keeping system to reflect the change in possession.
    • Exception: When the Supervisor identifies a key that does not have a proper PSU Unique Identifier, the Supervisor will request replacement key(s) (see New Key Request).
    • The employee will return the key that does not have a PSU unique identifier to the WRC when they pick up their replacement key(s).
    • The Master Access Coordinator will update the OPP Electronic Database, then deliver the returned key to the OPP Lock Shop for destruction.

Returning Keys: When a supervisor desires to return existing key inventory, they should complete the Employee Key Update Form (Key Update Form) and return both the form and keys/key ring to the Master Access Coordinator.

  • The Master Access Coordinator will update the OPP Key Electronic Database.
  • The Master Access Coordinator will secure the keys/key ring so long as the keys/key ring are uniquely identified. Ootherwise, the keys/key ring will be delivered to the OPP Lock Shop for destruction.
  • The Master Access Coordinator will re-distribute existing inventory where applicable to minimize inventory on hand.

Employee Separation (Voluntary/Involuntary): Should an employee separate from OPP, it is the Supervisor’s responsibility to insure the departing employee’s keys are returned to the key box if applicable or returned to them. If the Supervisor does not intend to reissue the returned keys, they can turn them over to the Mater Access Coordinator.

  • The Supervisor may reissue keys so long as they are uniquely identified. (See Transfer of Existing Keys or Key Rings)
  • Keys not uniquely identified will be returned to the Master Access Coordinator for replacement and destruction. (See New Key Request).
  • Supervisors should request replacement keys for those not uniquely identified. (see New KeyRequest)

OPP Employee Key Audits: The Master Access Coordinator along with the Access Coordinator for the department or area shall conduct yearly Employee key audits to ensure compliance and accuracy of records.

  • The Master Access Coordinator will schedule Employee key audits with the appropriate Supervisor.
  • The Master Access Coordinator will update the OPP Key Electronic Database upon completion of the audit.