Grounds & Equipment

Grounds and Equipment provides specialty services, including Landscape Operations, the Service Garage, Solid Waste Operations and Snow Removal for University Park.

Manager: Ryan McCaughey

Sidewalk and trees
The University's tree care plan was designed to identify the policies, procedures and practices used in establishing, protecting, maintaining and removing trees on campus.
Handles repairs and maintenance for all University vehicles and equipment.
Raking leaves
Handles routine landscape maintenance duties, as well as turf renovation, hardscape construction, sign maintenance, and more.
Snow Removal
University Park averages 37 inches of snow per year. Whenever a snow event begins, snow removal starts the same day.

People In Subdivision


Ronda Armstrong
Groundskeeper, Landscaping
Glenn Bailey
Maintenance Worker, Area Landscaping
Groundskeeper, Horticulture Worker
(814) 321-4290
Roger Barndt
Truck Driver, Reuse/Recycle
(814) 883-0738
Andrew Beben
Lead Tree Surgeon
(814) 349-5421
Vincent Benner
Maintenance Worker, Signage/Barricade
(814) 777-0407
Groundskeeper, Landscape A
Timothy Boone
Maintenance Worker, Area Landscaping
Forrest Burghard
Groundskeeper, Landscaping