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Technical Bulletins

Technical Bulletins are issued to provide guidance on resolving maintenance and operations issues. Each bulletin addresses a single specific problem, and provides background on the problem, how to diagnose it, and how to correct it. 

If you have any questions, or suggestions regarding future bulletins, please contact Engineering Services.

Bulletin Category Subject
OPP-TB-230913.050 Thermostatic Radiator Valves Sensor Location
OPP-TB-232116.001 (pdf) Automatic Balancing Valves Valve Noise
OPP-TB-232116.100 Dielectric Connections Dielectric Unions and Nipples
OPP-TB-232216.101 Steam & Condensate Specialties Y-Type Strainer Orientation
OPP-TB-238216.050 Coils Freezestat Installation
OPP-TB-238216.100 Coils (Steam) Freezestate Trips
OPP-TB-238216.102 Coils (Steam) Trap PMO
OPP-TB-253519.050 Control Valves Energy Valve Operation
OPP-TB-253519.100 Control Valves PICCV Valve Programming
OPP-TB-255500.001 Ebtron AFM (in revision) Station Setup
OPP-TB-221116.100 Domestic Water Piping Lead Free Fittings
OPP-TB-230519.201 Temperature Instruments Heat Conductive Compound
OPP-TB-262923.100 Variable-Frequency Drives Motor Insulation Class Requirements
OPP-TB-255500.002 Chilled Beam Condensation Sensors
OPP-TB-232216.001 (pdf) Steam Trap Float & Thermostatic Trap Selection
OPP-TB-238216.101 Coils (Steam) Condensate Drainage
OPP-TB-262923.101 Variable Frequency Drives Motor Bearing Failure Mitigation
OPP-TB-232123.200 HVAC Pumps Cavitation from Clogged Inlet Strainer
OPP-TB-232113.001 Hydronic Piping Steel Pressed Fittings
OPP-TB-232113.100 Cooling Coil Condensate Drains Proper Trapping