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Purchasing Card

How do I get a Purchasing Card?

To obtain a Purchasing Card (OPP Employees Only), contact Bing Zhu or Shelby Foster at 268 Physical Plant Building.

Once Bing or Shelby receives the information she needs from the requester, the following steps need to be taken by the requester:

  1. Go to the PSU Purchasing Card website and select the option, "Obtaining and Using a Purchasing Card."
  2. Read and understand the procedures and policies:
    1. University Policy BS14 - Penn State Purchasing Card
    2. University Procedure PC2009 - Penn State Purchasing Card
    3. Purchasing Card Agreement - Purchasing Card Cardholder Agreement
  3. Complete the Purchasing Card Tutorial and Quiz - the first step toward obtaining a Purchasing Card.

When ready to take the test, there are two different options. One is for goods and services, the other one is for goods, services, and travel.  If using the card for group meals, then take the test for goods, services, and travel.

After taking the test, our office receives an email stating that you passed. At this point, Bing or Shelby will complete an electronic form to get a Purchasing Card.  This form will go through the appropriate approvals.

Support for the Purchasing Card

Complete the OPP Purchasing Card Support form.

Include the vendor name, detailed purpose, description of the transaction, budget number, task number, fund (always 1001), object code and purchase amount. This form must be signed and dated by the cardholder.

Attach the detail/itemized receipt showing items purchased and purchase amount. All receipts must be signed and dated by the cardholder.

If the original receipt is lost, it is the cardholder's responsibility to contact the vendor to obtain another receipt. If there is absolutely no way that the vendor can supply a receipt, call Accounting (3-2354) to obtain a lost receipt form.

Paperwork will be returned to the cardholder if any of the above requirements are not met.

It is suggested that all Purchasing Card paperwork be submited to Payroll (room 170) within 14 days of the purchase date. After 15 days the cardholder will begin receiving automated emails reminding them that there are unresolved purchases on their card.

If there are still unresolved purchases after 30 days, the transaction will be in danger of auto posting to the default budget on the Purchasing Card. If this happens, there is the possibility that the card could be inactivated and the only way to have the card reactivated is for the cardholder to retake the purchasing card quiz.

Dispute a Charge

Contact Bing Zhu (5-6904) or Shelby Foster (5-6910) to discuss the charge/charges.

Disputed charge/charges need to be reported within 60 days of the statement date of the charge/charges.

They will provide a dispute form that needs to be completed and faxed by the cardholder to PNC Bank at 269-973-1688. Please let Bing Zhu or Shelby Foster know the date the dispute form was faxed to PNC Bank.

Next, complete the Purchasing Card Support form and attach the dispute form. Send this paperwork to Bing Zhu or Shelby Foster at 268 Physical Plant Building. The support form needs to include the dollar amount of the transaction and the date of the unauthorized transaction. Under the description area of the form, fill in "disputing charge".

PNC Bank will review the charge/charges and then take care of processing a credit.

If a credit does not show up on the card within 90 days, then contact Lisa Steinburg (3-0498).

If it has been determined the card has been compromised, you will receive an email from the University's Purchasing Card Department. This email will include instructions on what to do.

If asked to cancel the card, please contact Bing Zhu or Shelby Foster. She will then instruct you on what to do.

Purchasing Card Statement

The cardholder is required to review, sign and date the paper statement which you will recieve each month from PNC Bank.  The purpose of this is to assure that there are no unauthorized transactions on your card.  Your reconciler (Payroll) is NOT to review this statement. These statements need to be signed, filed and kept for one year (current statement + 12 previous).