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OPP Safety

OPP Safety Mission Statement

OPP's employees are its cornerstone. Employee safety is a core value of OPP and is crucial to its success. It is every employee's responsibility to help create and foster a proactive safety mindset while actively working to make OPP a safer place to work. All employees must embrace the idea of working safely at all times.

Expectations to accomplish this mission are:

  • All employees will be involved and actively participate in our safety programs.
  • Each employee must make safety planning a significant part of an job process, before the work starts.
  • All employees will be responsible and accountable for their personal safety, as well as the safety of those around them.
  • Every employee is empowered and encouraged to speak up when encountering an unsafe situation or act.
  • Every leader will provide necessary safety resources and take responsibility for making improvements to the workplace so work can be performed safely.

These efforts will foster a safety culture throughout the organization and result in fewer employees being injured at work.

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