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Common Issues and Fixes


OPP Office 365 Champions

Champion Area
Brett Traino Design & Construction (PM)
Connie Spencer/Sabrina Wert Design & Construction (Design Services)
Rustyann Echard Commonwealth Services
Melissa Phillips Work Control
Karen Burke Design & Construction (Reno)
Amber Schoenauer Buildings & Grounds
Tammy Maslanik Work Control (Planning & Estimating)
Fran Yeager Office of the Associate Vice President
Georgia Gasperich/Nancy Quay Planning, Design, & Properties
Dave Parmelee Energy & Engineering (Utilities)
Bonnie Auman Environmental Health & Safety
Tammy Steiner Energy & Engineering
Susan Bedsworth Office of the Associate Vice President
Michelle Yaple Administrative & Financial Services (Training)



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Common Issues and Fixes

Address Book/Directory Shortcut

Sending migrated to migrated:

  1. Type the name of the person you are attempting to email. If their name appears, click the “x” to delete it.
  2. Start typing their name again and use CTRL+K. this will pull up the O365 Directory.
  3. Select the correct person.

Sending migrated to NOT migrated (i.e. they are NOT using O365 yet)

  1. Type the name of the person you are attempting to email. If their name appears, click the “x” to delete it.
    • If their name does not auto populate, you will have to use the Penn State Directory to find their email address, copy, and paste.
  2. Select the correct person and user name, copy and paste user name into your email “to” box.

Calendar Sharing

  1. Using the Online Web Application (OWA), choose “calendar” icon (bottom left)
  2. Choose “share” button (top middle)
  3. Add names of those with whom you wish to share your calendar
    • Note: if this person has not migrated to O365, you will have to find their email address in the Penn State Directory and copy and paste.
  4. Select level of sharing
  5. Select “share”

Visio Install AFTER Migration

  1. Visio will need to be re-installed AFTER you have migrated to O365.
  2. Contact the ITS HelpDesk to have your account re-installed.

Email Conversations View

Touch/Mouse Pad Mode in Outlook

Note: this applies to tablet devices (e.g. Surface)

  1. Select “File” in the upper left-hand corner of your screen
  2. Select “options” on the left menu bar
  3. Select “Quick Access Toolbar” from the left side menu
  4. Select “Touch/Mouse Mode” and click “Add >>”. This will move this option to the right window of this screen.
  5. Click “Okay” at the bottom right hand of the screen
  6. The Touch/Mouse Mode icon will appear on the upper left-hand side of your Outlook menu bar.
  7. To switch between Mouse and Touch mode, select the icon and choose Mouse or Touch.