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2020 March Preference Process

Due to the current restrictions we are under due to the global coronavirus pandemic, we are temporarily changing our process for accepting March Preference Requests.  Below you will find fillable copies of the March Preference Request forms. Please note that there is one for Janitorial, and a second form for all other positions.  We are asking you to complete the appropriate form and email it to your supervisor, as is required by the contract. Typing your name in the signature line is acceptable for this temporary process change. Your supervisor will forward the completed Janitorial forms to Sandy Lightner ([email protected]), and all other completed forms to Nikki Brown and Lori McGovern ([email protected]). Please note that the March 31 deadline is still in effect. 

If you have already submitted a March Preference Request form prior to this notice, you do not need to submit another form.

Thank you for your patience during this unprecedented time!