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e-Builder Tips & Tricks

Yes, There is a File Naming Convention

The file naming manual has been prepared through a collaboration between OPP's Document Center and the e-Builder Implementation Document Management Pride to guide project teams in the proper file naming requirements of project related documents. Proper file naming ensures efficient management of those critical electronic records.

A sample of the file naming convention

The image is a sample of the file naming convention. A more detailing description can be found towards the bottom of the OPP Document Center page.

It is important the file naming structure is followed so that documents can be easily classified and indexed for retrieval in the future. This file naming convention uses metadata as the basis for the file names. The order of the metadata in the name is just as important as the characters in the name. This metadata is the glue that binds data transfer from e-Builder to DocFinity. It allows the documents to be transferred to the correct building and project folders and subfolders.

e-Builder Project Names

Before you accept a Project through the Project Request process, you have the opportunity to edit the name.  (If the project already exist or if it is after you accepted the project, Kirsten Steele needs to change the name in e-Builder and Tririga.)

Some tips

  • All Projects need to start with the two digit campus code
  • Include the location of the project, for example the Building Name and Room Number.  “UP-Bathroom Renovation” is not a good project name.
  • Make sure the project name is a good brief description of the project scope

A good project name example is UP-Ag Sci 028 Suite HVAC Upgrades

Processing PCO's and CO's and the PCO Hold Step

When processing a PCO, PL’s should not "Complete" the process after you "Accept PCO."  It needs to stay in the "HOLD for CO" step. 

The process instance is held in "HOLD for CO" step while waiting to be attached to a Change Order process and while the Change Order process is routed for approval in Tririga.

During this step, the process is assigned to the PSU Project Leader, who may update information if necessary.

The approval and closure of the PCO process is controlled through an e-Builder automation step in the Change Order process.

e-Builder Help

When sending an email to Jessica or Michelle for e-Builder help please do the following things

  • In the email subject - list the e-Builder full project name and number and what process your question is on
  • In the subject -  list the e-Builder full project name and number and what process again
  • Provide any screen shots that you have.

We receive numerous emails a day with the subject "e-Builder" or "quick question."  The more information you provide us up front the faster we can help you.

Design Review Bluebeam Session Naming Convention

The date in the Bluebeam Session Name is the date the review is due from our internal PSU reviewers!  As many as 100 people look at your Design Review session and they use this date to know when their comments are due. 

Campus Code_Building No_Project No_Review Phase_Reviewer Due Date_Project Description

For example - AB_1234567_000548200_DD_20181129_RenovateRoom100

Other tips:

  • The PL starts the Design Review process in e=Builder and sends it to their designer to upload the documents for review.
  • Look for OPP Environmental Regulatory Compliance Checklist to make sure the Designer completed the form.  The completed forms are sent to members of Engineering Services and EHS.

Drag and Dropping Files Directly from email into e-Builder

Did you know that you can drag and drop an attachment directly from your Outlook email into e-Builder? This functionality is available in the Document Module or within a Process.

Submittal Coordinator and Schedule Manager Assignment

Did you know that the Project Leader can update with the Submittal Coordinator and the Schedule Manager?

As a Project Leader you can assign or adjust your Submittal Coordinator per the steps listed below without going through the eB Admin.  The Submittal Coordinator should be someone already assigned in a Designer Role on that project.

  1. Select the project
  2. Click on Settings in the Submittal Module under the Project Menu
  3. Select the name of who you want to be the Submittal Coordinator.  Once the name is highlighted click the right arrow to move it over to the list on the right.
  4. Click Save

Submittal Coordinator Example

Project Leaders can also assign who the Schedule Manager is on a project without going through the eB Admin per the steps listed below.  Keep in mind that only one person can be assigned as the Schedule Manager per project.

  1. Select the project
  2. Click on the Schedule Module under the Project Menu
  3. Click on the Details Tab
  4. Select the appropriate Manager Role from the drop down menu. Typically this is the 01P PSU OPP Project Leader role or the 01P PSU OPP Intern PM role.
  5. Select the appropriate Manger User from the drop down list.  Only users who have already been assigned to this project will appear this list. (If they are not already on your project submit an EBUAR).
  6. Click Save

Schedule Manager Example

Issue for Bid Documents and Folder Location

The Issue for Bid documents are to uploaded in the  “01 Bid Set submitted for PSU CA review” folder by the 02 Designer Role.  This is so that Contract Admin can review the documents for completeness before they are issued.  If they are acceptable, a CA Rep will move the documents over to the “010 Issued for Bid” folder.

Bid Documents Example

Updating Information in the Schedule Module – Make sure you click “Save”!

The Penn State Project Leader is required to update the Milestone Schedule in the e-Builder Schedule Module.  After the necessary updates have been made make sure you click the “Save” Button!

Working from Home with e-Builder

Michelle McMullen and Jessica Dubler would like to remind you that we are here if you need any help with your e-Builder needs.  If you need help with a particular item on a project please submit an EBSR.  Michelle and Jessica both receive these and we will respond as soon as possible.

If you need to add Team Members to a project please submit an EBUAR.  *Note all PSU employees work for The Pennsylvania State University.  This includes Design Services and Reno.  When setting up Design Services you need to add them to a 02 Designer Role.  When setting up Reno you need to add them to the 04PSU OPP Reno role.

DID YOU KNOW... PL's can now change/add your own schedule manager and submittal coordinator, note: submittal coordinators should be a Designer on your project

Submittal Coordinator Example

How to determine who is on your project team and when to submit an EBUAR

Michelle McMullen and Jessica Dubler receive many EBUAR’s requesting team members (users) be added to a project that the users are already a member of.  Before submitting an EBUAR to add a member, please check to see who is already on your project per the instructions below.  We also automatically add certain members of OPP including members of EHS and Engineering Services such as UP Area Engineers based on the Area that has been identified in the Project Request (PROJR) when we setup a project.

Also as a reminder:

  • There can only be one Design Firm per Designer Role
  • There can only be one Construction Firm per Contractor Role
  • Submittal Coordinators need to be a Designer
  • Design-Build Contracts - Contractors may also need the designer role – reach out to Michelle and Jessica to discuss
  • Provide a company’s full name when you are requesting that we add the company or a member of the firm.
  • Double check the email address of a user you are requesting to be added.  We use a user’s email address as their e-Builder username
  • The “Add company” section of the EBUAR is to be used to a add new company to e-Builder, not to add the company your project.  Michelle and Jessica will add the company that is associated with the user you are requesting to be added to your project automatically. 
  • There is a User Manual for the EBUAR process.  It is located in the *OPP e-Builder Resources project.  https://app.e-builder.net/da2/daLanding.aspx?QS=3cf5980a80694ca8984a2222ef0d9b98

Reminder about the e-Builder User Manuals

Our e-Builder Team has created customized e-Builder User Manuals for each of the Penn State e-Builder processes and modules.

The following manuals are currently available. When Phase II goes live we will be modifying or adding additional manuals where applicable.           

  • Bulletin
  • Correspondence             
  • Design Decision Request
  • Request For Information
  • Submittal
  • Project Request
  • Amendment
  • Change Order
  • Closeout Checklist  
  • Consultant Invoice
  • Contractor Pay App
  • Daily Field Report
  • Design Review  
  • User Access Request
  • Equipment Data
  • File Naming Manual
  • Meeting Minutes Meeting Action
  • PCO
  • Punch List
  • Rolling Completion Item
  • Safety Incident Report
  • Vendor Registration

The following documents are also available:

  • PSU eBuilder Phase I Training User Roles
  • Folder Permissions
  • Bluebeam Studio Integration
  • Bluebeam Studio Prime Integration

There are a couple ways to access the User Manuals.

1. From your e-Builder Home Screen you can click on the link to the e-Builder User Manuals under the Announcements section on the right side of the screen.

2. A second way to access the User Manuals is to select the *OPP e-Builder Resouces project from the project dropdown menu.  You will automattically be taken to the Documents Module where the User Manuals can be found.

Design Review Refresher

  • The Design Review  User Manual is a step by step guide to what needs to be done in e-Builder and Bluebeam.  https://app.e-builder.net/da2/daLanding.aspx?QS=bebca3109e6f47fcaf1769e7ec736bc9
  • Look for OPP Environmental Regulatory Compliance Checklist to make sure the Designer completed the form and attached it to the Design Review process.  The completed forms are sent to members of Engineering Services and EHS.  It is a required form to be submitted at least once for every project.  Please reference page 3 of the User Manual.
  • Bluebeam Session Naming Convention – It is very important that you follow the naming convention listed below. Make sure the Project Description is short but also a good description of the project.  The date in the Bluebeam Session Name is the date the review is due from our internal PSU reviewers!  As many as 100 people look at your Design Review session and they use this date to know when their comments are due.  Please reference page 2 and 5 of the User Manual.

  • A “Write Error” is received when the PL is trying to create a Bluebeam session in e-Builder.
    • This error is caused because the documents are not in the correct folder for the Bluebeam Sessions.  The documents must be in the 020 Submittal Document folder. The PL User does not have version control permissions for the In-progress coordination folder. If this is not correct this error will be received.  The PL cannot move documents to correct the issue.  The Consultant or e-Builder Admin must correct the issue.

  • When setting up the Bluebeam Session make sure you select “Add Documents” and “Restrict Attendees by E-mail Address” in step 3.2.  Please reference page 5 of the User Manual.
    • By selecting Add Documents – FM Global will be able to add their Review Letter directly to the session.

  • Adding Reviewers to Bluebeam – Make sure you add the appropriate Design Review group to your session.  See page 5 of the User Manual.  Also don’t forget to invite your designers, customers, CSR, and contractors if it is Design Assist or Design Build.

  • Bluebeam Session Expiration.  The PL is required to set the Session Expiration Date in Bluebeam not in e-Builder.  Please reference page 7 of the User Manual.

Tririga Reference Numbers in e-Builder

You will notice that in certain e-Builder processes, the vendor or PSU PL is required to enter the Tririga number that is associated with the Vendors Contract or Agreement number.  This is required because representatives from Contract Admin are doing the Tririgia data entry portion of the process.  This will go away once e-Builder Phase II goes live and Tririga is turned off.

The Tririga ID is typically a 7-digit number.  The PSU PL can look it up in Tririga to confirm the number if needed.

**The vendor is also given the Tririga number in the reference box on the cover page of their executed Contract or Agreement.  It is typically listed as the "Reference Number."

Processes to watch for this number are:

  • Consultant Invoice
  • Contractor Payment Applications
  • PCO
  • CO
  • Amendments

Common mistakes that we see:

  • Vendors list the Penn State Project number and not the Tririga number
  • Vendors list the Prevailing Wage number and not the Tririga number