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e-Builder Phase 1 Archive

Core Group

Chad Illig, constructive services representative

Chad Spackman, project manager

Jessica Dubler, business process analyst

Jesse Wells, facilities contract administration specialist

Rustyann Echard, construction and contract specialist


Project Management Team

John Bechtel, assistant director of Design & Construction

Craig Dubler, FAM program manager

Michelle Carr, business process analyst

Michelle McMullen, program manager

Peter Urban, KFA

Maurizio Caputo, e-Builder




Document Management - Ken Vasko

Schedule Management - Nate Patrick

Meeting Management/Action Items - Jeff Spackman

Mobile Access - Chad Illig

BIM Model Sharing - Russ Manning

Design Review Management - Jessica Dubler

Invoice Tracking - Rustyann Echard

RFI's/Submittals - Travis Scanlan

Bulletins/ASI's - Sam Bertolino

Punch Lists/Safety/Daily Reports - Chad Illig

PCO's/CO Tracking - Kurt Coduti

Doc/Data TO - Craig Dubler, Josh Harkins

Change Manangement/Outreach - Chad Spackman

Project Creation - Michelle McMullen

Capital Planning - Ryan Magyar

Procurement/Bidding - Jesse Wells

Vendor Management - Vern Davis


Phased Implementation

OPP has executed a two phase implementation strategy. Continue reading for more details of the scope of each phase, including estimated timeframes.

Phase 1

The first phase focused on implementation of document management and business process management to support delivery of OPP’s design and construction projects. OPP utilized multiple project delivery methods including design-bid-build, design-build, CM-at-risk, IPD, CM Agency, and Job Order Contracting (JOC), which resulted in the need for variants in some of the configuration and/or workflow processes.

Specific system functionality delivered in this phase included the following items and associated workflows:

  • General functionality, including:
  1. Document management for all project phases
  2. General correspondence and project issue tracking
  3. Meeting management, including calendar feature, meeting documentation, and action item tracking
  4. Schedule management
  5. Mobile access
  • Design phase functionality, including:
  1. Design collaboration
  2. BIM model sharing and review
  3. Design milestone review management
  4. Consultant invoice tracking (not linked to cost module in this phase)
  • Construction phase functionality, including:
  1. Requests for Information (RFIs)
  2. Construction submittals
  3. Bulletins/ASIs
  4. Punch lists, QA/QC logs, safety
  5. Potential change order and change order tracking (not linked to cost module in this phase)
  6. Contractor Pay application tracking (not linked to cost module in this phase)
  • Data Management and Turnover
  1. Equipment data management, including collection and updates throughout project lifecycle
  2. Data and document extraction at project closeout

Phase 1 Timeline

Phase 1 was completed and implemented in January 2019.


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