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e-Builder Implementation


The following are the upcoming milestone dates for the e-Builder PMIS:

July 2020 - Implementation goal for Phase II.


Project Team

Senior Management Team

Mark Miller, assistant vice president

Lisa Berkey, senior director of Design & Construction

Rob Cooper, senior director of Energy & Engineering

Adam Dent, director of Commonwealth Services

Ian Salada, director of Work Control

Terri Parker, director of Administrative & Financial Services

Joe Laskowski, acting director of ITS

Lisa Ruggieri, e-Builder executive

Greg Bush, KFA executive

Project Management Team

John Bechtel, assistant director of Design & Construction

Kristin Sykes, interim assistant director, Administrative and Financial Services

Michelle Carr, business process analyst

Michelle McMullen, program manager

Peter Urban, KFA

Tonia Dunbar, e-Builder




Cost Management - Kristin Sykes
Budget Approval/Change - Jessica Dubler

CAF/Funding Transfer - Kirstin Steele

SBFR - Ryan Magyar
Account Level Funding - Ryan Magyar

Internal Commitment - Connie Spencer

Internal Change Order - Connie Spencer
Contract - Jesse Wells
Contractor SOV - Jesse Wells
PCO/Change Order - Kurt Coduti
Contractor Pay App - Bikem Oskin
Consultant Agreement - Rustyann Echard
Consultant Amendment - Rustyann Echard
Consultant Invoice - Rustyann Echard
Cashflow/Forecasting - John Bechtel
Vendor Management - Vern Davis
Data Migration - Michelle McMullen
Integrations - Michelle McMullen

Change Manangement/Outreach - Chad Spackman

Document Management - Norma Stull



e-Builder will be providing all services required to successfully implement the full scope of the project, including:

  • Requirements gathering and documentation
  • Solution design
  • System configuration and vendor testing
  • Acceptance testing
  • User documentation
  • Training
  • Support

graphic showing the future state of facility project information


Phased Implementation

OPP intends to have the system implemented in two phases. Phase 1 was completed and implemented in January 2019. Go to Phase 1 Archive to see to see more about the Phase 1 implementation. Phase 2 is now underway.

The system will be implemented in two phases. The graphic shows segments of our work the PMIS will work with, including Financial, Contract Management, Design, Construction and Operations.


Phase 2


The second phase will focus on implementation of cost management in e-Builder and integrations with other OPP financial and accounting applications. Phase 2 also includes the data migration from Tririga and ProCore to the PMIS.

Specific system functionality to be delivered in this phase includes the following information types and associated workflows:

  • Capital planning
  • Funding management, including allocations and approvals
  • Budget management, including approvals and budget changes
  • Agreement and contract management, including approvals and tracking of internal commitments and external commitments for professional services consultants and contractors
  • Amendment and change order management, including approvals and tracking of potential changes, internal changes and external changes for professional services consultants and contractors
  • Invoices, pay applications, and payments, including internal charges and approvals and tracking of external payments for professional services consultants and contractors
  • Forecasting and cash flow
  • Vendor management, including company information, diversity tracking, prequalification, and performance tracking
  • Procurement/bidding
  • Reporting, including cost reporting and historical performance reporting
  • Integrations with other OPP systems (see Integrations section for details)
  • Migration of data from Tririga and ProCore to PMIS

Phase 2 Timeline

Phase 2 implementation development is currently underway and will go live July 2020. However, the final timing is contingent upon the implementation timing of the University's new accounting system (SIMBA).


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