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On-Call Operations Process

NOTE: This section reflects the process as of September 2017.  The process will be updated to reflect changes impacted by the use of Akwire and the implementation of Workday.

Scheduling Spreadsheet

  • WRC will provide the Controlling Supervisors with a scheduling spreadsheet to enter the On-Call assignments for the designated 6-month period on March 1st and September 1st of each year. This spreadsheet will contain:
    • All the active technical employees for a designated crafts that have been placed On-Call.
    • Only employees that are permanently in that craft will appear.
    • The weeks, as date spans, will be provided for the 6-month period (26 weeks total).
    • The number of assignments per employee for that scheduling period is provided based on 26 weeks divided by the number of active employees found for that craft.
    • Employees that have temporary transfer assignments into the designated craft during the 6-month period are not included.
    • Employees that have temporary transfer assignments out of the craft are still required to fulfill On-Call assignments for their permanent craft during the temporary transfer assignment.

Schedule Finalized

  • Controlling Supervisors will turn in finalized version of the spreadsheet for their craft to the WRC by 4:00pm on the last Friday in March and September of the scheduling period.
  • WRC posts to Technical Service Resources on OPP Insite intranet by the first Friday in April and October so that employees, OPP Supervisors, and payroll can view the finalized schedule.

Updating Schedule

Controlling Supervisors will notify the WRC as soon as changes are made to the 6-month schedule.  WRC will immediately update the spreadsheet and ensure the update is posted to the OPP Insite intranet.  Ideally, most of the change notifications would happen as close to the day of the shift assignment as possible, i.e., the day of or the morning after the shift.

All updates to the schedule must be completed before noon on Monday of the following week for payroll purposes.  WRC and affected Controlling Supervisors will receive an email on Monday morning to review and turn in any final changes to the On-Call schedule for the prior week.

For Assignment Trading

  • WRC will be notified by email from the Controlling Supervisor when any trading occurs between craft members.
  • WRC will update the spreadsheet.

For Unworked On-Call Shifts

  • WRC will be notified directly by the Controlling Supervisor when the scheduled craft employee is unable to be On-Call for an assigned shift (sick, bereavement, etc.) in accordance with the OPP On-Call Process.
  • WRC will update the spreadsheet.

When Assigned On-call Employee Is Unreachable

  • WRC will update the schedule stating:
    • When the call(s) was made.
    • When the text was sent.
    • Who made the call and/or text.
  • WRC will call the Controlling Supervisor when employee is unreachable/unresponsive.
    • Controlling Supervisor will direct the WRC of the required action to arrest problem.  If the Controlling Supervisor is unreachable, the WRC will contact the supervisor's manager.
    • WRC will immediately follow up with email to the Controlling Supervisor, cc: supervisor's manager, documenting when the On-Call employee is unreachable.

Using the Schedule to Compensate Employees

(See the compensation section of the On-Call process)

  • Payroll will receive an email reminder on Monday at noon to address the On-Call assignments for the prior week.
  • Payroll will use the schedule to determine which employees should be paid for On-Call assignments on Monday afternoon of each week for the previous week of assignments.
  • Payroll will not compensate employees for On-Call pay when noted in the spreadsheet as:
    • unworked or
    • unreachable

Archiving Schedule Spreadsheet

Payroll needs to retain the schedule for 7-years since it is a source document for determining how an employee was compensated for their On-Call hours. At the end of the 6-month On-Call period, the schedule needs to be archived into Docfinity/OPTECH and replaced with the new finalized schedule by the WRC by the first Monday in May and November.


Revised 2017-09-08