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BIM Execution Planning Updates for Public Review and Comment

Document Estimated Update Notes

BIM Contract Addendum  (for use in contracts requiring BIM):  

Annually Reviewed Old Versions (v2, v3, v3.1, v3.2 current)

BIM Execution Plan (BxP) (template):  

Every 3 years Old Versions (v2)

Attribute (Parameter) Definitions
Detailed attributed requirements)

Every 2 years

Facility Asset Attribute List (Historical Working File) - PSU inhouse BIMteam Only

Web Data Page (Table Format

Asset Attribute Matrix Template 

Every 2 years Types of assets PSU requires to be tracked, and details of what information for those different types of assets is required.
BIM Information Exchanges (BEM) (template)
Every 3 years PSU OPP Level of Development (LOD) based on AIA/AGC LOD table.
Picklist Every 3 years Provides acceptable entries for various PSU OPP parameters.
Revit Shared Parameter File Every 2 years For use with Revit.  Creates parameters that comply with the PSU OPP BIM requirements.

BIM User Guide

Every 3 years Under development.  Provides insight into minimum BIM requirements, objectives that drove the requirements, and some known practices that achieve the requirements.  This is a "guide" not a set of additional requirements.
File Naming Standard TBD OPP Document Center Standards
Training Videos (Coming Soon) Annually Reviewed The purpose of the training videos is to visually augment select aspects of the PSU OPP BIM requirements.

Help us make them better!  The documents are out for public comment.  We are actively seeking industry feedback and comments before publishing to final updates which will be used in future projects.  


Please provide comments back to [email protected].