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Find more information on PSU OPP BIM collaboration across the AEC industry. This includes BIG10BIM, BIG10 & Friends, and other affiliations for collaboration we participate in to help advance the use of BIM for effective use with the AEC+OM educational/university facilities community.


We appreciate all the feedback we have gotten over the years related to our BIM products and solutions from others in the AEC+OM industry.  We strongly believe in a collaborative approach and sharing of ideas throughout the global AEC+OM industry.  We continue to seek and encourage collaborative approaches to more rapidly and effectively move the use of BIM tools forward to support more effective facility life cycle development, execution, management, and stewardship.  We continue to share our ideas and approaches, seek industry feedback, and appreciate others who have graciously shared their insights with PSU (OPP and the CIC) to further update and progress our own BIM standards and endeavors for continuous process improvement.

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BIG10BIM and BIG10 & Friends: This is a working group of interested university (and others) facility owners working collaboratively together to improve the management of facilities life cycle management and the use of BIM to help facilitate those objectives.