Photo of ADL IncineratorThe Office of Physical Plant operates a Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) Title V Permitted Hospital/Medical/Infectious Waste Incinerator. The waste stream is composed of mixed pathological, red bag, cage waste and plant material. The facility is operated in accordance with PADEP Best Available Technologies (BAT) guidelines. We are constantly reviewing our operation and making upgrades to assure compliance with today’s stringent operating parameters. The operators attend annual training courses and continue to receive in-house hands-on maintenance, troubleshooting and operator certifications. The facility conducts daily, quarterly and yearly testing on our analyzers and waste stream to assure compliance with all operating permit parameters.

The system includes a Crawford Model 5000C incinerator.  The unit has two processing chambers; a primary and secondary chamber.  The primary chamber is where the waste is processed. The temperature range of the primary chamber is 1400 to 2300 degrees Fahrenheit (depending on the type of waste being processed).  The primary chamber has two burners that modulate depending on chamber temperature. These burners are rated at 500,000 BTU’s each.  The secondary chamber is an “after burner” chamber.  The waste gasses coming off of the primary chamber are burned in this chamber.  The secondary chamber average temperature is 1900 degrees Fahrenheit. T here are two burners that control the secondary chamber temperature. One is rated at 750,000 BTU, the other is 1,000, 000 BTU.  Unlike the primary chamber burners these burners do not modulate; they are on high fire when waste is being processed.

The system includes a wet scrubber air pollution control device, an Emcotek Model 150H Rotary Atomizing Scrubber Unit.  The scrubber unit removes acid gas, dioxins, furans, organics, particulates and heavy metals from the exhaust stream. The system uses a combination of quench/submersion tanks, filters and spray nozzles to cool and removed pollutants from the exhaust stream.  This system is equipped with a sub-cooling unit; this unit maintains the stack temperature at approximately 80 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

To assure clean and compliant operation a Continuous Emissions Monitoring System: (CEMS) is installed at the facility. The facility is required to monitor and report CO ppm (corrected to 7%), O2 ppm and primary/secondary chamber temperatures.  The CEMS system is responsible for this data collection. The system includes a Servomex Model 1400 O2 analyzer, a Thermo Environmental #48 CO analyzer and a Baldwin Sample Conditioner.  The current DAS (data acquisition system) software is a Windows based system.

To contact the facility, please email Patrick Hillard, Incinerator Coordinator, or call (814) 865-8127.