Facilities Information System: LionSpace FIS

LionSpace FIS is a web-based program allowing users to view space information and Penn State University's Facilities Coordinators to maintain and analyze space information.

All users with active Penn State credentials have access to the Campus Viewer and Accessibility Map applications within LionSpaceFIS to view and download information.

Facility Coordinators have access to the Space Manager application to edit space information.


LionSpace FIS

Campus Viewer/Accessibility Map: All PSU Staff
Campus Viewer and Accessibility Map Tutorial (Video)
How to Download Block Plans
Using the Measuring Tool
Block Plans and Measuring Tool (Video)
Use on Apple mobile device to view interactive plans (Video)
Use on Android mobile device to view interactive plans (Video)
Campus Viewer/Accessibility Training (PowerPoint)
How to Find Room Photos
Space Manager: Facility Coordinators
Space Manager Video Tutorial: Use Space Manager to edit space/employee information for your unit (Video)
How to Download Block Plans
Version 20 Tutorial – Block Plans, F&A, PI Assignments, Budget Codes
Penn State Classification Manual
Penn State Classification Matrix
Space Manager Reports Guide
Space Manager Training (PowerPoint)
COVID-19 Planning - Location Download
COVID-19 Planning Application Help Document













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