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Facility Coordinators are responsible for the oversight and coordination of all facilities issues and projects and the primary point of contact with the Office of Physical Plant (OPP) for that specific college or administrative unit. Facility Coordinators are assigned by business area, not buildings; therefore, most building have multiple FC's coordinating spaces. Knowing your buiness area number (as defined by SIMBA) helps in locating your FC. 


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Frequently Asked Questions regarding outdoor events:

Q: What outdoor events need to be requested in 25Live? A: All outdoor events need to be requested in 25Live.

Q: Will I need to have a backup location or date? A: It is not required to have a backup location/date but it is always recommended.

Q: How much will my OPP Work Order cost? A: OPP Services vary, the planners that receive your request will be able to estimate your costs.

Q: How do I know what area I can use for my event? A: The location details in 25Live include a map of the designated area.

Q: Do I need to provide a site/evacuation plan (layout/diagram)? A: The location approver, planner, or EH&S may require a site and/or evacuation plan.

Q: May I hold my event on a major holiday (example: Memorial Day, Independence Day, or Labor Day)? A: There are no date restrictions, if the university is open. Holiday rates may apply to work orders.

Q: Who is an eligible user of university outside common spaces? A: Outdoor Events need to have a sponsoring organization. Example – College, Unit, or RSO.

Q: How much lead time is needed to reserve outdoor event space? A: Depending on size and complexity of event – 14 days minimum for complex events, 2 days minimum for small, simple events.

Q: Where can I rent tents, tables, chairs, stages, sound equipment? A: OPP Rents tables and Chairs. For other needs – PSU Approved Vendors