East Halls Phase 1C, Brumbaugh, Pinchot and Tenner Renovation

  • Schedule: May 2018 - July 2019
  • BOT Approved Amount: $84,500,000

SCOPE:  The programming is similar to previous East Halls renovations.  Improvements are designed to enhance appearance, inside and out.  The updated student experience includes improved social spaces throughout the building, “wet core” shared private bathrooms, and movable furniture in the dorm rooms.  Existing, mostly double room, bed count of 306 will be close to the new bed count of 300 at Brumbaugh and 302 at Pinchot and Tener.   Building updates include replacement of aging and inefficient building systems, renovation of the building envelope, and ADA accessibility improvements. Site work includes improved pedestrian circulation, ADA accessible pathways, updated recreational spaces, and improved landscaping.