Diversity Training

One of the specific tasks of the OPP Diversity Team is to identify diversity training needs in the organization and arrange for training to meet those needs.  These training recommendations are:

  1. Establish the expectation that all OPP employees attend University, OPP, or community-sponsored or advertised diversity training or events throughout the year.  Attendance at these events should be recorded and discussed during annual performance reviews in support of the organization's diversity and inclusion values and goals.  Things that would meet this expectation could include a formal training class, a "lunch & learn," a diversity program sponsored by the Multicultural Resource Center or the LGBTA Resource Center, a program listed in the Educational Equity Diversity Events Calendar, or participation in a diversity-related group (e.g. CORED, Community Diversity Group, OPP Diversity Team, or F&B Diversity Key Initiative Team). 
  2. The OPP Diversity Team will:
  • Oversee diversity and inclusion related training for the OPP Leadership Team and the D&I Team throughout the year.
  • Offer voluntary monthly "lunch & learn" or other diversity sessions open to all OPP employees.  
  • Increase awareness of diversity and inclusion-related training and event opportunities for the OPP employee population through email reminders and participation in populating the F&B D&I calendar.