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Diverse Business Enterprise Program (DBE)

Establishing Business relationships through the promotion of Diversity.

DBE Program at Penn State

Our mission is to deliver the best value and highest quality products and services by encouraging competition among all contactors and suppliers. Penn State recognizes supplier diversity as an important component of its overall construction effort and will continue to foster relationships with minority and women business enterprises to increase the utilization of Diverse Business Enterprises for construction and construction related projects.

Through the Office of Physical Plant’s Design and Construction Division, the Diverse Business Enterprise Program (DBE) Program encourages DBE participation in our procurement/bidding process, strengthen business relationships with minority, women, Veteran, service disabled Veteran, and LGBTQ+ business enterprises, and to establish a continued relationship with them for future projects.

Contact for DBE

To be considered for construction opportunities, Prequalification is required for contractors performing trade category work. 

DBE Contractor Liaison