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Design and Construction

Provides the successful and collaborative execution of design and construction projects at Penn State.

Construction Services

Manages construction contract phase of projects to ensure standards are met, schedules are maintained and safety is assured.

Construction Services acts as the University’s primary point of contact for contractors/subcontractors and installers on assigned projects. Construction Services visits and inspects project construction sites and monitors work for conformance with construction documents, quality standards, safety standards, University procedures, building codes/regulations, and adherence with the University’s Design and Construction standards. Construction Services investigates, documents, and reports on problem situations, potential change orders, errors and omissions, safety issues, and advises the contractor when necessary to implement corrective action. During a project’s design phase, Construction Services may review documents for quality conformance, constructability, and proper sequencing/phasing. During construction, Construction Services coordinates the interaction and efforts of contractors/subcontractors, design professionals, Penn State customers, Office of Physical Plant divisions, Penn State agencies, students, and the general public to minimize disruption to the University and public. At the completion of a project, the Construction Services manages the punchlist process and building/project turnover to facilitate a smooth transition from contractor to the Penn State customer.

Contract Administration

Responsible for construction contract procurement, contractor pre-qualification, change-order review and processing, as well as the processing of professional agreements. The unit also handles contractor payment applications, the DBE (Diverse Business Enterprise) Management Program, and specification and drawing distribution for a variety of projects. Finally, the Contract Administration unit serves as the liaison with the PA Department of General Services (DGS).

Design Services

Provides architectural, engineering and building code/permitting services to Penn State with the majority of work being designs for renovations and small additions having individual project construction values up to about $4 million. Specifically, we provide architectural design, mechanical and plumbing engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, structural engineering support, roof system and elevator design, building code support and virtual / BIM related services. We coordinate with Project Managers to align private sector AE professionals for specialty services outside of our areas of expertise as needed on projects.

Projects are generally designed according to the Office of Physical Plant’s Design and Construction standards. These standards are maintained by Engineering Services with occasional contributions by Design Services.

Project Management


Oversees the design and construction of projects at the University Park campus, including new construction, renovations, and major maintenance. Throughout these projects, Project Management serves as the primary interface with customers, architects, engineers, and construction work forces.

Renovation Services

Provides the highest quality construction services to Penn State's University Park campus in a safe, cost-effective, and timely manner. Each project is based on specific existing building conditions and can range from $1,000 to $10.0 million in cost. Our in-house multi-discipline trade workforce of over 75 technicians and 15 staff is responsible for a wide variety of architectural, mechanical, electrical and technology tasks that require versatility, cooperation and creative planning to complete work safely and efficiently in active occupied university buildings.

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John Bechtel

Assistant Vice President, Design and Construction

Jeffrey Kokoskie

Manager, Construction Services

Sam Bertolino

Manager, Design Services

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Manager, Renovation Services