Contractor Pre-Qualification

Penn State requires prequalification for contractors self-performing work in the categories listed in the table below. The Front End Documents for each project will specify the prequalification requirements. Be sure to review your project manual for details.

Check the Prequalification Submission Requirements and the Prequalified Bidders Listing to see if your company is prequalified.

Access Control & Surveillance Erectors (both pre-cast and curtainwall) Paving
Abestos Abatement Fire Protection Piles
Concrete General Plumbing
Curtainwall HVAC Pre-Cast
Demolition/Hauling HVAC Balancing Roofing
Earthwork Landscaping Structural Steel


Electrical (Med/High Voltage)

Masonry Telecommunications
Elevators Millwork Underground Site Utilities

Refer to Section A, Notice to Bidders, of the Project Manual for project prequalification requirements.

* Demolition is for EPA defined/structural work, “the wrecking, or taking out of any load-supporting structural member, of a facility together with any related handling operations or intentional burning of a facility (e.g. for fire training).” Selective interior demolition does not require prequalification.